From the Director

Dear Friends,

I love the Blue Mountains. There really isn’t any place like it. I grew up here and have lived here most of my life. On the most part, it is a place where families seek to nurture their children, provide them with the best life possible and where families value quality time and creative pursuits.

Whilst it is a beautiful place with a great sense of community, I have, since I was a teen noticed a void in services and activities for teenagers. The stirrings of what is now Unity Studios, began 20+ years ago as I felt compelled to do something to better the lives of teenagers in the Blue Mountains area.

Concepts for this “something” evolved from roller skating rink complete with youth cafe & live music, to music tutoring/workshops or even my own music school. Finally, the fulfillment of what we now know as “Unity Studios”, a combination of creative and performing art workshops and a creative & fresh spin on academic tutoring.

Whatever the function of this place, for any person who joins us, it is of the utmost importance for the work to be built on a foundation of fun, creativity, forward thinking, with a strong sense of community & a promise to celebrate individualism and passion.

My latest career as a Learning Support Coordinator opened my eyes to the need for teenagers to be explicitly taught how to study, plan and focus their energies positively. A big part of my work with teenagers and their families has been around “Individualised Plans”, focusing on a student’s strengths and weaknesses in the areas of academia, socialisation and metacognition (learning about themselves).

While on the surface we are a business about education, the team at Unity Studios is committed to engaging, encouraging and empowering young people. The space is more than just a place students can go after school and receive homework and study help.

For many years as a single parent, I struggled to keep my child focused on his studies. He never seemed to have homework and due to my work, was left to his own devices more often than not before and after school. I was lucky to have a son that was quite level headed and for the most part stayed out of mischief, however, I feel he lacked necessary guidance and monitoring required to keep his studies on track and the situation gave way to a disconnect between my son and I.

I believe if there was something like this space and service around for my son at the end of his primary schooling, through his transition to high school, he would have been more settled within himself and focused on his studies. Through interaction with others his own age & tutor/mentors to explore new and creative ways of being, doing and thinking, Unity Studios would have helped him reach his full potential sooner. That is the future I want for my children and yours, a place to foster fresh perspectives and endless possibilities.

So I give you my long term cherished dream and vision, Unity Studios: Where education and creativity unite.

~ Cassandra

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