NDIS @ Unity Studios

We are very excited to announce that we are now National Disability Scheme Providers!


Thank you for your interest in our inclusive workshops for all ages and abilities.

At Unity Studios we understand that the NDIS is all about choice and control and we welcome your enquiry. 

We are NDIS providers under the category, “Innovative Community Participation”. Each and every one of our programs at Unity Studios can be accessed by a person with a disability either independently or with support.

Introducing Cassandra Jensen!

Cassandra is the Founder, Program Director and Lead Mentor at Unity Studios. Her credentials include a Bachelor of Music, and further post graduate study to become a Secondary Music Teacher. In more recent years Cassandra furthered her teacher training studying Inclusive Education. This means she is qualified to teach music at a secondary level and within the area of Learning Support. Cassandra’s last posting in a school was as Learning Support Coordinator at St Pauls Catholic College, Greystanes.
We tell you this, not as a matter of self importance, but to give you a picture of the theory, knowledge, training and experience Cassandra draws from to formulate our programming at Unity Studios.
We work hard to make sure our learning environments are safe, supporting and nurturing. Where people of all ages and abilities can come to learn, grow and socialise at a level each individual is comfortable with.
Some of the benefits we hope to see from our participants in our programs are –
  • developing your self identity and individual style
  • growing in self confidence as you experience success
  • confidence to experiment and try new things in a supportive environment
  • practicing different techniques (fine motor skills)
  • portfolio building with close guidance of mentors
  • a balance of tasks – sometimes self directed learning and other times mentor lead learning
  • practicing following instructions
  • practicing communication and other social skills (1:1 and within a group)
  • learning to give your opinion and accepting advice from others
  • practicing being able to receive and accept constructive criticism

The best way to judge the effectiveness and compatibility of our programs would be to join our trial program. We offer a 2 session trial in each of the program areas.
If you would like to move forward and book a consultations and trial with us, please complete the form below.

We are happy to do a paid trial period of 2 sessions to ensure you are happy with your choices.  We will then set up a longer term agreement with regular review dates to make sure your program continues to meet your needs.

At Unity Studios, you can also request a term, semester or yearly report to assist with NDIS planning reviews. We would have liked to include these report costs in our session fees, however, to keep our sessions in line with the NDIS price guide, we have had to separate the pricing of the reports and they can be requested and purchased when necessary.

Click here for NDIS agreement advice.

Again, thank you for your interest in our programs at Unity Studios.


Phone Cassandra Jensen on  0466 580 175 or email at ndis@unitystudios.com.au





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