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23/4/18 First date of Unity Studios term 3 for all students.

15/7/18 1st Term instalment due

15/8/18 2nd Term instalment due


 TERM 2 2018 Self & Program Evaluations

Tutoring and Mentoring Self Evaluation questionnaire!

Tutoring and Mentoring Unity Studios Program Evaluation questionnaire!



Georgie is working with us in our “Launch” program, preparing herself for high school!

Georgie has been attending Unity Studios since December last year. In that time we have seen Georgie grow dramatically in her knowledge and skill level. We have been working with Georgie on her mathematics and English. She even got an award from school last week for, “making improvements in reading and writing activities”!

Currently we are working with Georgie, watching videos and writing up science experiments. Next week we will conduct the experiments we have researched.

Keep up the good work Georgie!


Staff Member of the Month – May


We are very pleased to announce that our “Staff Member of the Month” for April is Richard Norman.
Richard is an amazing teacher and mentor! All his students love his easy going nature but also want to work hard for him and improve. This is something you cannot teach mentors and it separates not so good mentors from outstanding mentors.
Thank you Richard for the talents and gifting you bring to us at Unity Studios. You enrich our team so much. You are very inspiring.
Well done Richard!

Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.     

Mattie Stepanek


Ellie is the recipient of our very first term based Scholarship.

Ellie (pictured here with her favourite meme quote and tutor) was selected from the pool of academic students we have currently enrolled at Unity Studios. Ellie was recommended for this scholarship by her tutor, Marnie Latz.

Marnie and Ellie have been working on Mathematics together for the past 6 months, in Ellie’s preparation for the HSC.

We are so proud of Ellie’s efforts and obvious commitment to her studies. There simply isn’t a student as focused on their studies within our ranks. Her nomination and selection for this scholarship was an easy choice.

We would like to congratulate Ellie for her outstanding work and are humbled she has chosen to study with Unity Studios in her HSC year. We do realise the importance of this year for Ellie and we will stay committed to assisting her anyway we can.

Click here to learn more about our new scholarship program.