Online Music

Complete an online music course with 30 days access to the virtual studio 1 x 1:1 30min. ZOOM session and a unity music pack.

Pack includes –

  • 30 days access to the virtual studio
  • 1 x 1:1 30min ZOOM session
  • Personalised Unity Studios bag
  • Specialised 40 Pocket Non – Reflective Music Folder
  • Unity Studios Practice Logbook and more!

Use your Creative Kids voucher +$18 P&H for pack delivery or pay online $118.

Once enrolled, we will call you to make sure you have access to your content and to book your ZOOM session.

Choose your course

Beginner Keyboard

Learn the basics of keyboard orientation, easy to learn songs, with videos demonstrations and handouts to get you grooving.

Beginner Guitar

In this course you will learn:

  • Chords G, C, D, Am and Em
  • Various strumming patterns
  • Various riffs
  • Playing melodies on 1 – 4 strings
  • Reading TAB

Intermediate Guitar

Welcome to Unity Studio’s Intermediate guitar course! This series of lessons will empower you with the tools needed to play with more confidence and flair, so you can master more complicated songs and learn to play the music you love. You will learn more about reading music, the theory behind the chords you play, and even how to improvise your own melodies. Each new technique you learn will be followed up with a new song to try it out in, so you’ll boost your skills and expand your repertoire. The course is applicable to whichever style of guitar you’re playing on, whether it’s classical, acoustic or electric.