Personalised Art Packages

Art Students

To ensure we continue to provide the very best individualised programming, environment and culture, we have reviewed our Art programs. Payments for Art are monthly, January – November and exclude December. 

Our Art program is no longer associated with Creative Kids. This is because we want new mentees to receive a pack on sign up and we would like to supply replenishment packs once a quarter included in your subscription to ensure our artists have their own equipment and are always ready to create art, especially between sessions at Unity Studios.

All Art students participate in –

  • Virtual Showcase recorded and uploaded to Youtube (end of Term 2)
  • Art Exhibition Showcase at the end of Term 3 or beginning of Term 4 (date to be advised)


Payable 15th of each month (January to November)
$127 / per month
  • Session Duration: Primary 1 hour | Secondary 1.5 hours
  • Frequency: 48 Weeks per year
  • Where: Studio or Online
  • Replenishment Pack of art products worth $25, supplied to you at the beginning of each term
  • Free Visual Arts Process Diary at the start of each year
  • Admin fee included

Online Art Course

Primary or Secondary/Adult
$11 / per month
  • Where: Online

Additional Pack

Replenishment Art Pack
$25 / per pack
  • Where: Studio

Replenishment Art Packs