IGNITION Tutor & Mentor

Christopher is our Tutor/Mentor for Year 7 & 8. He assists Director, Cassandra facilitating the IGNITION program.

Christopher is a Year 11 student who attends a local high school. He is gifted in English, Mathematics, Science and Computing. During Year 10 Christopher was involved in teaching younger students with learning difficulties in literacy using the “Multi – Lit program” at school. He could see how this benefitted the students he worked with and this prompted him to seek employment at Unity Studios.

Christopher was selected in Year 9 for his leadership qualities and academic achievement for the Fast Forward Program. The program is a partnership between Western Sydney University and Western Sydney Schools offering the opportunity for enhanced academic and personal achievement.

Christopher is an excellent mentor and role-model as he would be the first person to admit that he could have used his time more wisely in early high school. He can attest to our IGNITION program students how complacency does not serve well and assist students to make better choices to get the most out of their early secondary years. Christopher’s honesty, experience and academic talents make him an excellent tutor and mentor for students in Year 7 & 8.

Christopher is motivated to tutor and mentor within the IGNITION program because it provides an opportunity to work with students in smaller groups; and to assist students who may go unnoticed, unattended or lost within a large classroom.

Christopher’s concise manner assists students to clearly understand new concepts; he has a real gift in communicating to students. Christopher’s expertise in technology and his resourcefulness benefit his students who acquire greater skills, knowledge and confidence under guidance.