Drama: The Art of Voice & Movement in Penrith

Unity Studios Signature Drama Mentoring Programs include:

  • Personalised programming determined through our collaborative induction process
  • Ongoing observation and assessment
  • Weekly sessions during the school term
  • Online course content during term and school holidays
  • Individualised resources to accompany your sessions
  • Involvement within one online and one studio showcase each year 
  • Optional school holiday sessions for accelerated progress at half price plus you can extend this offer to a friend too!!

Our term fees are paid fortnightly with flexibility and affordability in mind.

Welcome to Unity Studios Penrith, where the transformative power of drama unfolds through our pioneering Art of Voice & Movement programs.

At Unity Studios, we redefine traditional drama education by offering more than just acting classes – we provide a unique mentoring experience that encompasses the art of voice, movement, and public speaking skill development. Our specialised signature drama programs are meticulously designed to unlock your full creative potential, whether you’re a novice looking to delve into the world of drama or a seasoned performer aiming to refine your craft.

Immerse yourself in drama games, acting classes, and skill development sessions that focus on the art of voice and movement. Our commitment to personalized growth spans all age groups and proficiency levels, ensuring tailored initiatives that inspire and elevate your dramatic journey.

Located in Penrith, near the picturesque Blue Mountains, our studio provides the perfect backdrop for building drama skills. Engage in continuous, exaggerated, high-energy movements through improvisation games and performance practice. We blend theory with practical components, incorporating devised, guided, and improvised elements to teach you how to tell a compelling story with and without dialogue.

Join Unity Studios Penrith, not just as a drama school, but as a vibrant community where education and creativity converge to shape extraordinary journeys in the art of voice and movement. Experience the convenience of flexible and affordable term fees, paid fortnightly, as you build confidence and social skills in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Thank you for considering Unity Studios Penrith – let us guide you on a transformative journey through the Art of Voice & Movement.”

In this course you will learn:

  • Drama skills
  • Social skills
  • Live Production
  • Video Production

Our program integrates practical dramatic skill development, communication/social skills, public speaking and confidence-building activities. You will also learn to collaborate, film, edit, creating a video production and live performance.

From Term 2 2024

  • Young Adult (12+ years)  Monday 5pm – 6pm
  • Adult Monday 6pm – 7pm

Your Introductory Offer to try Drama: The Art of Voice & Movements covers 4 x consecutive group sessions

Our term fees are paid fortnightly with flexibility and affordability in mind.

Contact us for more information.

Feel you need more support than what our mainstream program can provide? Want to access Unity Studios packages through NDIS?

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