Personalised Skill Building Packages

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Welcome to Unity Studios Penrith, where we redefine traditional tutoring with our unique approach to mentorship. 

While you may have initially sought academic tutoring to enhance your skills in subjects like math and English, we invite you to explore the transformative power of our specialised mentoring programs. 

Our commitment to individualised growth extends across all age groups and abilities, with tailored initiatives designed to inspire and elevate. 

Our signature skill-building programs are Foundation (4-7 years), Launch (8-11 years), Ignition (12-16 years), and Pathfinder (16+ years). 

Our term fees are paid fortnightly with flexibility and affordability in mind. 

Uncover the untapped potential within as we guide you through an educational adventure that goes beyond grades, fostering holistic development. 

We thank you for enquiring with us and would like to give you more information on our Skill Building Packages.

Unity Studios Penrith.


Program structure and delivery

For Foundation and Pathfinder sessions, it’s all about you – your one-on-one sessions are designed just for you. Pay the basic group price, and we’ll send you a simple invoice once per term for the extra cost of your exclusive sessions.

For Launch and Ignition sessions, we keep it cozy with small groups (1:2 – 1:4). Your learning experience is shared with a few others, making it a social, dynamic and engaging experience.

Unity Studios Signature Skill Building Mentoring Programs include:

  • Personalised programming determined through our collaborative induction process
  • Ongoing observation and assessment
  • Weekly 55 min. sessions during the school term
  • Online course content during term and school holidays
  • IXL subscription to support numeracy and literacy growth
  • Report at the end of term 1 and 3 to support development
  • Optional school holiday sessions for accelerated progress at half price plus you can extend this offer to a friend too!!

Our Skill Building Packages

Foundation & Launch for Primary Age Children: Building My Foundations, Nurturing My Future

Foundation (Preschool – Year 2)

Tailoring Support for Me:

  • Personalised sessions to strengthen foundational skills.
  • Targeted support for Preschool to Year 2 students.

My Growth Focus:

  • Emphasis on building Communication and Social Skills.
  • Nurturing Wellbeing and Positive Mindset for a holistic approach.

Engaging My Mind:

  • Explore self-reflection through “The Wellbeing Journal” workbook.
  • Participate in the “Busy Bees” program for creative learning.

Scheduling That Fits My Life:

  • Attend weekly 55-minute sessions during the school term.
  • Options to attend through the school holidays with a special half price offer.

Consulting with My Family:

  • Individualised goals through consultations with parents/carers.
  • Regular updates based on reviews, reports, and consultations.

Launch Program (Year 3 – Year 6)

Consolidating My Academics

  • I receive Literacy and Numeracy (English and Maths) support to strengthen foundational knowledge.
  • Prepare for a smooth transition to high school.

Developing Me Holistically

  • Focus on nurturing Communication and Social Skills.
  • Prioritise Wellbeing and Mindset for a balanced approach.

Supporting Me Flexibly

  • Engage in small group sessions (2-4 participants) for opportunities to learn collaboration and social skill .
  • Options to attend through the school holidays with a special half price offer.

Setting Goals for My Journey

  • Goals evolve with regular reviews, reporting, and NAPLAN results.
  • Parent/carer’s input is crucial for personalised success.

Ignition & Pathfinder for individuals Young Adults – Adults (12 years +): Setting & Crushing Goals, My Roadmap to Success

Ignition Program (Year 7 – Year 10)

Navigating High School Expectations

  • Focus on meeting the increased expectations of high school study (all subjects inclusive). 
  • Tailored sessions to address pressing subject matter.

Empowering My Goal Setting

  • Engage in short and long-term goal setting, planning, organisation, and motivation.
  • Equal emphasis on nurturing communication, social skills, and wellbeing/mindset.

Flexible Learning Options

  • Collaborate in groups of 2-4 for a dynamic learning experience.
  • Online options

Pathfinder Program (Year 11 – 12 & Adults)

Holistic Goal Pursuit

  • Set short and long-term goals, engage in research, planning, organisation, and motivation.
  • Learn to maximise use of technology
  • Prioritise communication, social skills, and wellbeing/mindset.

Tailored Learning Experience

  • Benefit from weekly 55-minute 1:1 intensive sessions for personalised attention.
  • Online options.

Guiding Today, Shaping Tomorrow: Building Foundations, Nurturing Futures, One Mentee at a Time.

Our term fees are paid fortnightly with flexibility and affordability in mind.

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