Unity Studios – Mentoring All Ages & Abilities

Cassandra Jensen, Director of Unity Studios

Unity Studios run programs in academics, creative and performing arts for all ages and abilities (since 2016). 

Unity Studios is a learning space where students work with a team of fully qualified teachers, mentors & workshop facilitators in tailored personalised learning.

We have two studios, Penrith and Blaxland.

Our focus is on mentoring, assisting students to appreciate their authentic self. We want our participants to leave us richer for the experience.

We want you to be empowered to be “unapologetically you”.

Unity Studios is COVID safe


When you come into the studio you will notice a few changes that have been implemented to keep us COVID safe.

  • The waiting room has been closed. Please ensure your child is delivered to the studio safely but you do not need to accompany them inside. Their mentor will welcome them in at the start of their session time.
  • We value your feedback and encourage communication, so if you need to pass any information on to your child’s mentor or have questions, please email them to me and I will ensure they are delivered and responded to.
  • Do not attend sessions if you are displaying the following symptoms –  fever, dry cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath. If you are in a group session, work will be arranged for you in your absence. If you are in a 1:1 session, an online session can be arranged (if you feel up to it)
  • Hand sanitiser is available to use upon entry to the space
  • Tables and other surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant between each session
  • Please bring whatever equipment you need for your session – eg a pencil case with pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, calculator, art supplies. A drink bottle is also a good idea. We are keeping sharing to a minimum.
  • The Restroom has stocked with hand soap and paper towel
  • Record keeping – if anyone enters the studio space and are not on our timetable, we will record their name, email address and phone number for contact tracing. This includes parents and is why we encourage you to not accompany your child into the studio. This information is used solely for contact tracing and will be stored securely.

Thank you for helping keep our Unity Studios community safe.

Unity Online – Unity Studios is now ONLINE

Unity Studios will now be delivering programs online effective Monday 23rd March 2020 until further notice. 

The following programs will be offered: 

  • Academic (1:1 & group)
  • Uability (NDIS clients 1:1 & group)
  • Music (1:1 & group)
  • Drama (group)
  • Creative Writing (group)

* Other programs will be put on hold in the standard form (Gaming Unplugged, Unity Art/Unity Art – Kids), however, we WILL run an online group social chat at our regular Unity Art time Friday evenings and invite our Unity Art Kids to join our Online School holiday program.

Right now, Unity Studios focus on ‘mentoring’ is more important than ever. Our job is to ensure that you are well equipped to get through the next uncertain weeks and retain some sense of normality. These measures are to keep us all safe, maintain a sense of community, stability and support in a trying time.


We have worked solidly to restructure our delivery, for you to keep your mentor and deliver sessions in or as close to your normal time as possible.
You will be sent a link to join us in an Online meeting room on Zoom. This platform works best on computers, but can also be accessed through Ipad/tablets and smartphones.

Standard programming Uability, Academic & Unity Music sessions will all be delivered 1:1 Online –

  • 55mins. 1:1 will receive 55mins. online session
  • 30mins. 1:1 will receive 30mins. online session
  • 55mins. group session will receive 30mins. 1:1 online session
  • 30mins. group session will receive 15mins. 1:1 online session

Drama, Creative Writing, Unity Art, Unity Art Kids

  • Drama will receive 40 mins. group session online
  • Creative Writing will receive 40mins. group session online
  • Unity Art will join for 40mins. as a group session online
  • Unity Art Kids join school holiday program

We ask that you get all equipment needed for your session together before it begins. If you have difficulty connecting your mentor will give you a call and you can work it through together.

What do we offer?

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