Mentoring v Tutoring

Many people hear about the good work we do at Unity Studios when asking others about tutoring.

Mentoring differs from tutoring in the following ways – 


  • When accessing tutoring, the tutor sets the session agenda

  • Tutoring can cause a reliance on another to achieve

  • Tutoring can help you achieve in a 1:1 session environment

  • Tutoring draws from school curriculum to achieve growth

  • Tutoring is generally subject specific

  • You tutor shows you how to complete a task

  • Your tutor is the expert on the subject matter

  • You end up seeing a tutor because you feel you are failing


  • When accessing mentoring, we work with our participant to proactively run their session

  • Mentoring is about building independence

  • Mentoring aims to build transferable skills so you can achieve in a classroom environment

  • Mentoring uses your own life experience to blast through blocks

  • Mentoring can help you with a variety of subjects

  • A mentor works with you to find the best way for you to complete a task

  • Your mentor while well versed on the subject matter is open to learning more alongside you

  • You end up seeing a mentor because you need someone to come along side you and encourage you to achieve your goals

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