IGNITION Tutor & Mentor

Liam McGlynn is our Tutor/Mentor for Year 5 & 6. He assists Director, Cassandra facilitating the IGNITION program. Liam is a Year 11 student who attends a local high school. He is gifted in English, Drama and PDHPE. Liam is also passionate about AFL and fitness.

Liam first discovered his love of tutoring as a Year 6 student when he received an award for outstanding narrative and creative writing. He was then invited to participate in the Sydney Writer’s festival and that led to his first experience as a tutor in a peer-tutoring program at a local primary school. He enjoyed passing on his knowledge to others and this led him to tutoring with us at Unity Studios.

Liam has continued to excel in high school and was selected in Year 9 for his leadership qualities and academic achievement for the Fast Forward Program. The program is a partnership between Western Sydney University and Western Sydney Schools offering the opportunity for enhanced academic and personal achievement.

Liam is currently undertaking Advanced English and excelling in his Drama studies. He assists his Drama teacher by helping tutor students with diverse needs during his free periods at school.

Liam understands the benefits of tutoring as he also undertook weekly after school classes in numeracy when he was in Year 6. With the assistance of tutoring he grew to enjoy and excel in Mathematics. His knowledge, skills and love of the subject has led to Liam choosing mathematics as an area of study for his HSC.

Liam is passionate about helping students overcome their difficulties in both literacy and numeracy. He welcomes to opportunity to share his experiences to Year 5 & 6 students, especially through their transition to high school.