Liam McGlynn

Liam M is our longest standing mentor being with Unity Studios since 2016. Liam is very understanding of individual natures and works well with people of all ages. He loves to share his love of English and in particular creative writing, drama/ physical theatre. Liam M is also very good at explaining maths to those who struggle with it. He finds creative ways to explain questions to those he mentors that are more meaningful to them. Liam M enjoys working with people and discussing Ancient History, and Sports Science/Biology. He is often seen wandering around the studio as he mentors as we are sure he thinks better on the move!

What is your favourite quote that reflects the Unity Studios philosophy: “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” – Someone jaded

“There’s no point doing something if you can’t have a laugh while you’re doing it” – L.B. McGlynn

What is your Highest Qualification: High School Graduation 

Hobbies: Sports, Reading, writing and playing Fantasy, Mountain Biking, History

What do you love about working at Unity Studios: Variability – never knowing exactly what I’m going to be doing any given day and having different participants and subjects every day. 

What areas are you currently mentoring: Primarily Pathfinder

Recent Training:

  • Working with Children Check
  • Police Check
  • Mandatory Child Protection
  • NDIS Worker Orientation
  • Inclusion Training – AUTISM STEP Aust.
  • Are You Inclusive – DARE training
  • First Aid Certificate
  • COVID19 Infection Control Manager Training