New year, new teacher…

Hot tips for fostering a good relationship with your child’s new teacher.

Whether your child is new to school, transitioning from one stage to another, or just moving up a year, they will have new teacher/s to contend with.. and so will you.

Here are my hot tips:

  1. DO meet the teacher/s briefly if your schedule allows for it and introduce yourself (don’t take too much time, as there are many parents wanting to do the same).
  2. DO voice any apprehension/concern you have about the transition.
  3. DO trust that the majority of teachers know what they are doing, but don’t be afraid to question them respectfully if you don’t agree with their methods for your child. Be mindful of how you bring up your concern to the teacher. Most teachers feel a lot of pressure from families and the school to deliver quality education. They are often stressed, tired and have many priorities to juggle.
  4. DO pass on any information you feel is relevant to effectively teach your child, especially if you know this information was not passed to your child’s new teacher by their past teacher.
  5. DO give your child space to change and adapt to their new environment. Some students will shine under new circumstances. There’s nothing quite like a clean slate!
  6. DO ask your child questions about their new teacher, classroom, activities and classmates. DO observe your child’s body language and how they speak about their new teacher and class. Do voice your concern to the teacher, if you are worried about your child’s transition.
  7. DO give your child time to settle in and then ask the teacher how you can both work together to help your child reach their full potential.
  8. DO leave a message at the office for your child’s teacher to call you if you aren’t able to make it to school for drop off or pick up.
  9. DO keep the lines of communication open.

Best Wishes,
Cassandra Jensen
Director of Unity Studios


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