Create Your Own Planning Jar


Planning Jar

COVID – 19 has been a challenging time for everyone.

While we are “all in this together”, we are all having unique experiences dealing with being in isolation, or what many of the participants at Unity Studios have come to know as “homelife”.

We are all missing parts of our lives we used to have. It is important to acknowledge what we are missing and feel the emotions these realisations bring.

To put an even further positive spin on these emotions, we are encouraging you to create your own planning jar for you or your family. This planning jar validates what you are missing and helps you realise that one day you will get to do what you miss again.

What is a planning jar? 

A planning jar has a very similar idea to a gratitude jar. The difference is that instead of putting in the things you are grateful for, you put in the things that you are looking forward to doing. 

Every time you think of something that you wish you could do, but can’t at the moment because of staying at home, you can write it on a sheet of paper and put it in the jar. 

This can help remind us that what we are experiencing will finish at some point, and that we have lots of things to look forward to! Then, when life returns to normal you can open up your planning jar and work through your pieces of paper, doing all the things that you missed and had hoped to do. 

Ready to start your planning jar? 

  1. Find a jar you would like to use. 

  2. Label your jar Planning

  3. Gather a pen and paper to put near your jar. You might like to use post it notes, a notebook with pages that tear out or cut up pieces of paper to the size of your choice. 

  4. That’s it – you are ready to go! You can fill your jar whenever you need.

Thank you to Rebecca Innes, one of our Primary Teacher/Mentors for putting together this activity!

If you are struggling with isolation and would like to book a mentoring sessions via ZOOM with us at Unity Studios Online, please get in touch by emailing us at or calling our Director, Cass Jensen, on 0466580175

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