The Importance of Learning Touch Typing

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I am a 16 year old. Last semester, I completed a Science experiment focused on typing. Through the process I discovered how important typing is. I discovered others had a higher words per minute rate than me. This led me to realise that those people would definitely be at an advantage when it came to work rate and getting computer based tasks completed.

I discovered that I had developed some bad typing habits that were not helping me. These were, looking at the keyboard when I shouldn’t, using only 4 fingers and not 9 – 10 as I should.

I realised while completing that assignment that most people my age have no idea how to touch type and they have no idea how important it is to learn how to type properly.

The advantages to touch typing are –

* It is a life skill that we use daily (we don’t even realise that we use it daily)

*It helps get better results with homework and assessments due to a faster work rate and workflow

*It is more enjoyable to touch type and therefore motivates me to work

*It is a skill that you can constantly improve on over many years

*It teaches a disciplined approach, as in you have to dedicate yourself to the process of getting better

*It is a great skill for the future where many jobs require lots of typing or time spent in front of a computer single everyday

*Learning touch typing can be fun and relaxing

*It is very rewarding seeing your improvements over time

*Long assignments can become much more fun, taking some boredom out of the task

*Build muscle memory and hand and finger strength

*It’s better to touch type so that you don’t damage your hands, fingers and wrist as the keyboard is ergonomically designed for touch typing making it easier.

Touch typing is a great skill which is prominently used in today’s modern workforce, and is commonly required for employment. This is because it increases work productivity as it is a faster, safer and more enjoyable way to work. I would encourage all people my age to learn touch typing.

~ Adam Latz

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1 thought on “The Importance of Learning Touch Typing”

  1. To Unity Studios, Marnie and Adam.

    Adam, I just read your blog on Touch Typing”.

    I’m very impressed with your sentence structure and excellent choice of words. You’re very descriptive in your writing And easy to read, which is a wonderful, natural gift to have. I can also see that you liked the course and it’s become second nature to.

    So I congratulate you young man, keep it up. I encourage you to hone and sharpen those skills of our English language and continue to be creative in expressive writing.
    Have you ever thought about becoming a career journalist, blog writer or script writer? This maybe an avenue of a professional career you could venture into.

    Touch typing is important, and in my line of work too. I write many emails and reports to Police, external agencies and my Superiors daily, via a keyboard and computer monitor. If I didn’t have the ability of touch typing when I undertook a smile it course back in 2000, I would be struggling greatly today.

    I encourage all the students of Unity Studios and beyond to utilise this course and undertake it. You won’t be disappointed.


    Marty J


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