Game: Pandemic – The Cure

Game: Pandemic – The Cure (Blog by Gaming Unplugged members)

For 2 – 5 players

Ages 8+

Time to play game: 30 minutes

Four deadly diseases threaten to infect the world! Players must work together to prevent disease outbreaks while finding their cures. You’ll need more than luck to save the day. Can you save humanity?

The aim of the game is to save the world from 4 diseases, that are represented by 4 different coloured dice (black, yellow, blue and red). 6 regions are slowly taken over by diseases. If there are too many of one disease, then it will cause an outbreak which will spread to neighbouring regions. This might then also cause a chain reaction of outbreaks that spread from region to region and soon cover the globe with the dangerous diseases that you are trying to fight.

Gaming Unplugged Members scores of Pandemic: The Cure 

Liam K = 8.5/10

Liam L  = 9/10

Ewan = 10/10

Hamish = 10/10

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