Richard Norman

Richard is an excellent musician and mentor of all things music (keyboard, ukulele, guitar, music production). He loves the inclusive nature of Unity Studios and has been mentoring with us since 2017. Richard has been instrumental in creating the intermediate guitar course for our virtual studio. 

What is your favourite quote that reflects the Unity Studios philosophy: “Do it again on the next verse, and people think you meant it” – Chet Atkins

What is your Highest Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (English and Modern History)

Hobbies: Writing fantasy, programming video-games, swinging swords, composing musics

What do you love about working at Unity Studios: As a music mentor, some of my happiest moments have been when participants have confidently played me pieces of music they’d been inspired to learn independently of our sessions. I also love the inclusive culture at Unity Studios, and seeing participants inspire and encourage each other.

What areas are you currently mentoring: Music (guitar and keyboard)

Recent Training:

  • Working with Children Check
  • Police Check
  • Mandatory Child Protection
  • NDIS Worker Orientation
  • Inclusion Training – AUTISM STEP Aust.
  • Are You Inclusive – DARE training
  • First Aid Certificate