Rock and Water

Rock and Water Program presented by Nathan O’Donohue


Nathan O’Donohue has run the 10 week Rock and Water program in local schools and has seen the positive results this program brings. Nathan ran a 1 hour session for Unity Studios in 2018, introducing our students to the main principles of Rock and Water. His next session with us will be Monday 1st July, 2019 at our Blaxland location.

Rock and Water principles align with the Unity Studios Mentoring Philosophy, as at Unity Studios we at all times 

seek to always encourage, empower, expand communication skills and build self confidence. We also think there is power in handing over the teaching to Nathan O’Donohue from Rock and Water for the sessions and having our students learn and participate alongside their own mentors.


Rock and Water is a method for teaching boys and girls from 5 to 18 years of age, to develop self regulation, self confidence and self awareness skills.









Rock and Water teaches:

  • Practical anti bullying strategies
  • Self confidence, self awareness and selfCommunication skills and interpretation of body language cues
  • Alternatives to aggressive verbal and physical responses
  • Thinking and being in control through grounding, centring and mental focus
  • Boundary awareness
  • Mindfulness strategies



  • Recognise, develop & appreciate their personal qualities
  • Develop social skills and resilience
  • Gain control over their body, emotions and thoughts
  • Reflect  on actions
  • Develop understanding of, and relationships with, others
  • Learn strategies to control anxiety

We are looking forward to having Nathan visit us and teach us again in week 10, Term 2. If you are not enrolled in Unity Studios programs but would like to book for Rock and Water, please email .

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