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One of the crucial statements an air hostess will tell you, during the aeroplane safety talk, is ‘please fit your own breathing apparatus before assisting others’. This is an important metaphor, when considering self care. For, when we do not care for ourselves we are then incapable of caring for others. Self care is vital to our wellbeing, but what exactly is self-care and do you need ideas for self care?

Why Self Care is more than just bubble baths..

As we have all had such a stressful year, it is important to prioritise ourselves. 

Whilst the classic image of someone practicing self-care is them lounging in a bubble bath with a face mask, self-care is a more complex matter encompassing every aspect of our daily lives. In psychological terms, self-care is providing adequate attention to one’s own physical and psychological wellness. Beyond being an aspirational goal, engaging in self-care has been described as an ‘ethical imperative’ (Norcross & Barnett, 2008). However, if self-care is an ethical imperative, why are so many of us feeling burnt-out, stressed out and overwhelmed?

self care quote

True self care involves sacrifice, honesty, community and commitment to making decisions in your best interest.

finding balance..

Whilst at school, university or work, it can be difficult to find time amidst the, at times, overwhelming workload. Utilising techniques such as the pomodoro method can be an effective way to manage your time in a productive manner and eliminate procrastination as well as enforcing breaks. However, it comes down to prioritising yourself and your own wellbeing. Self care is not a quick fix, it is an ongoing commitment to yourself. Which, over-time, will become second nature and an essential part of your day. 

keep it simple..

Whilst it can be easy to overcomplicate self-care by attempting an elaborate routine which could take hours to complete, it is important to find simple methods which work for you. Start with your most basic needs and pay attention to what your mind, body and soul needs. Self-care can be as simple as spending 5 extra minutes drinking your coffee in the morning, or spending time every night reading for pleasure. It is important to use the resources available to you, in order to create a self-care routine which is unique to yourself.

self care at home
self care at home


One of the advantages of technology is that it has made the world of self-care accessible to everyone. Below is a list of apps which can be helpful to add to your self-care routine.Calm


Provides a range of guided meditations of varying lengths aimed at assisting with different areas of life including stress and sleep meditations.


Can help you master your breathing as well as providing a range of guided meditations.


There are a range of guided meditations on youtube. Try searching ‘leaves on a stream guided meditation’ for help with letting go of negative thoughts.


A great way to engage in mindfulness practices is to colour in pictures and forget about other problems for a while.

Self care, you got this..

To conclude, self care does not have to be complicated but it is essential. No matter what you do, the most essential thing is that you complete your self-care routine with yourself as the main priority in mind.

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What is your “Take Away on Self Care”

  • Self Care combats feelings of burnt-out, stressed out and overwhelmed
  • Self Care requires strategies, self discipline and is an ongoing process
  • Self Care can be small but effective changes to your day
  • There are apps to use as tools to help with self care

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