Ideas for Self Care | you > others

One of the crucial statements an air hostess will tell you, during the aeroplane safety talk, is ‘please fit your own breathing apparatus before assisting others’. This is an important metaphor, when considering self care. For, when we do not care for ourselves we are then incapable of caring for others. Self care is vital … Read more

Struggling during COVID – 19?

How are you feeling as the bears disappear out of the windows?   How do you lift your mood on your walk, now that the rainbow chalk in your neighbours driveway that once brightened your day hasn’t been replaced after it rained last? To be honest, the first part of isolation due to COVID – 19 … Read more

Create Your Own Planning Jar

  COVID – 19 has been a challenging time for everyone. While we are “all in this together”, we are all having unique experiences dealing with being in isolation, or what many of the participants at Unity Studios have come to know as “homelife”. We are all missing parts of our lives we used to … Read more

The Importance of Learning Touch Typing

A Word from the Wise I am a 16 year old. Last semester, I completed a Science experiment focused on typing. Through the process I discovered how important typing is. I discovered others had a higher words per minute rate than me. This led me to realise that those people would definitely be at an … Read more

Gaming Unplugged Term 3 2019

  Gaming Unplugged has arrived at the Lower Mountains Neighbourhood Centre! Every Friday through the school term, from 3 to 5pm, kids aged from 9-19 have the opportunity to play their favourite board games with like minded friends and peers. The ‘unplugged’ component of the program of course means no devices or screens. This means … Read more

Managing Screen Time

Managing Screen Time by Gavin Latz So the school holidays are over and the kids are back to school. The end of device related screen time tantrums right? As parents we can only live in hope. I’m the dad of 3 boys, aged 15, 13 and 10, so have had my own fair share of … Read more

Rock and Water

Rock and Water Program presented by Nathan O’Donohue   Nathan O’Donohue has run the 10 week Rock and Water program in local schools and has seen the positive results this program brings. Nathan ran a 1 hour session for Unity Studios in 2018, introducing our students to the main principles of Rock and Water. His … Read more

What is Art For?

  What is Art ‘for’? When pondering recently ‘What is Art for?’, I came across a book by Alain de Botton, who set out the convincing argument that Art is a tool. Art performs a function that we cannot do for ourselves, much like using a knife due to our inability to cut things with … Read more

Game: Pandemic – The Cure

Game: Pandemic – The Cure (Blog by Gaming Unplugged members) For 2 – 5 players Ages 8+ Time to play game: 30 minutes Four deadly diseases threaten to infect the world! Players must work together to prevent disease outbreaks while finding their cures. You’ll need more than luck to save the day. Can you save … Read more

Homework apps – Find the one that works for you!

Using Apps to stay organised at school: Homework, assignments, tests and exams. It can all get a bit overwhelming at times, especially towards theend of term. Here at Unity Studios, we know that our students work hard keeping track of everything throughout the year and we have many different tools to assist you with this. … Read more